Insurances companies make money off you

Have you ever wondered where prices for insurance come from how much are they charging you why are they charging that much and you ever feel like it,s unfair I'm here to explain the difference of how insurance companies make their money and how much of it you are paying for so real fun fact actually learned a few things I, have been doing this for about six seven years now license in 38 plus states I sell insurance in just about all of them It's pretty basic when it comes to insurance there's a lot of set guidelines and then each state has a little specifics with things but the profit of an insurance company looks huge if you are really look at them and it really is they make a lot of money but how much they are actually taking out of your pocket one of the biggest things that people think is insurance companies are out to get you they are not they are just like any other company they are trying to make as much money as they can so what they
are doing is they are tying to make as little claims as possible insure it the highest possible value that you are willing to pay for in competition with all these other companies each department has a different section so what an insurance company does is they take their product line and they have actual people that check the prices they say okay one of our competitors doing how much can we do and how much can we earn what type of business are we going after the high risk people that only do you know that have a higher chance of get an accident  there are no probably a little worse area as far as claims go more natural disasters could happen there or do we want to go more of a confident planner do we want to stick with just the people that we know want insurance they see the value they want to talk to the company It,s going to take care of them for life they don,t want to have to worry about it so there is different types of insurance however most companies in have different companies that do both so like you have farmers insurance they have Bristol West that,s their higher risk company you have Geico who naturally is a higher risk company.
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