Effect of Mobile phone on Human health

Smartphone all the hours days weeks and years that you spend in a forward looking down position that becomes a very serious problem to our neck and out upper shoulder region it's not only you what about your children your family your loved ones look at the hours that they spend in that forward head position x all those long hours and imagine what kind of damage it's going to their spine look at the burden of staring at your smartphone 12 pounds is normal way to the head 15 degrees looking forward 27 pounds of weight your head is 30 degrees forty pounds , 45 degrees 49 pounds and sixty degrees 60 pounds of  stress the back of those muscles ligaments and tendons are trying to hold up the weight of that head research shows that the average person is spending to 24 hours with their head in a drop down position that 702 1400 hours of excessive stress you are putting on the neck and the cervical vertebrae the forward head posture leads to neck pain over the head behind the eyes headaches pain into the arm tingling numbness pain between the shoulder blades pain into the chest region bulging discs herniated discs spondylosis arthritis osteoarthritis degenerative joint disease and many many more problems. It's hard to imagine the amount of stress that the muscles and ligaments behind her neck are holding up trying to withstand the weight of your head going against gravity imagine is holding up a bowling ball that weighs eight pounds holding it up in front of you.after seconds how much pain and
Cell phone health risks
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discomfort your shoulders going to till early ages of 20,25 and 30 shows significant degeneration osteoarthritis extra calcium in the joint and wear and tear that's going on because of the excessive weakness and instability the discs in the neck area become more compressed causing the  intervertebral foramen the holes where the nerves come out of to become more irritated and inflamed causing pain and dysfunction significant amount of early advanced degenerative changes osteoarthritis all this extra calcium being late in the joints because of the instability quite common the deformation of the anterior forward head posture have a body compensates as a result of its instability something that you might have to learn to live with the rest of your life pronated shoulders the shoulders rounding forward due to the anterior stress against gravity as the body  starts to change because it is improper posture quite common with excessive headaches pulling behind the skull as a result of these muscles that are shortening because you are hunched forward the pronation the internal rotation of the shoulders limits the ability for you to inspire the full amount of oxygen because your lungs are not fully operable the forward head posture is causing excessive stretch into the ligaments behind the neck and shoulders those ligaments are becoming stretched like a rubber band therefore not allowing the  body to have proper support and stability. It's unrealistic that people will stop using their cell phones so you need to make a change if your head is in a forward position you need to bring the head upward position you need to being the head upward with your shoulders in line with your ears you need to bring the phone up to your eyes you need to tuck the chin if you are going to spend a lot of time looking down.
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